Monday, July 31, 2006

Look What I Got!

Look what KSD of hand eye crafts sent me! I thought at first she confused me with someone in a swap, but no. She just sent it to me just to be sweet. My favorite color of yarn, a pretty magnetic monogram C (which I didn't even see at first), Chiclets, and yarn....intarsia holding things. (Please don't tell me not remembering the names of things is either a symptom of Alzheimer's or old age. I prefer to think of my mind crammed with vast stores of knowledge (such as supporting characters in 70's movies) with an indifferent filing system.)

I tried to post this yesterday but blogger was being recalcitrant about uploading pictures.

This lovely couple is kitty corner from the library in Carmel-By-The Sea.

And yes, I do know where all the libraries are wherever I've been. Yarn stores too. Priorities.

I am nerdier than 86% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out! Ha! I upped my score. Okay, I did some homework. I'm not saying that my original score was bad just because Marji scored a 9, but I went from a 53 to an 86 when I took the test on RheLynn's than I did on hers. Coincidence? I think not.

And over at Anne's is a link to Yarn Monkey's 2006 Sock Wars (I really HAVE to sit down and use the help I was sent and learn how to post buttons. Soon.) Doesn't that look like fun?

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mermaid on the Beach

Isn't that spectacular? I love sand sculpture. I took the pic the last trip out and she was gone last week. Not to the ocean though, she was right off Ocean Ave. I think the sculptures are the Carmel version of playing music on streetcorners for money. Gorgeous, gorgeous work.

I spent most of my time at the beach last week reading and staring at the ocean. No camera, no knitting. Just me, a book and a towel so I could walk the shoreline and then flop down & read. And not have to worry about my purse, a chair, etc, etc. It was fun, but it was too short.

And was the weather perfect for Lambstown or what? It was something like 82 degrees, I heard. That's practically frigid for Dixon in July. Too bad I missed it. I almost drove there from Carmel since I left about noon.

Ohh, GRRR! Blogger just managed to eat most of my post. Fine.

Hugh Laurie is on Bravo at 8pm tonight on whatever James Lipton's interview show is called. The Closer is on at 9pm.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Heat & Fiber vs Beach and Ocean

The Lambstown Festival is coming in at a distant 2nd to Monterey this weekend. I'll be in a continuing ed class tomorrow down there, so I'm bookending the day before and after to play in the Monterey Peninsula. So everyone who is going, and taking classes, take LOTS of pictures!

And notice how I'll be gone for 3 whole days? Well, one whole day and two partials. And yet. Check out my suitcase (which you can't because I didn't take a picture of it and it's packed). I have enough clothing for probably a week and all temperatures, four books, three WIP's and one new project. And I took out two projects (the pink cable and self striping socks). But just in case I'm stranded for several months, I'm ready.

SG1 and Stargate Atlantis have crossover episodes tomorrow night. Which I'll probably have to wait to see on Saturday because what are the chances the hotel gets the Sci Fi Channel?

Finished The Physics of Superheroes by James Kakalios (365 pages) (L).

Also finished A Fold in the Tent of the Sky by Michael Hale (355 pages) (L). *edited to add: I found this book on Helen's Knitting in the Shadows.

Oddly enough, the sci fi novel took me a day to read and the physics book three weeks. He wrote it "for the non specialist who is interested in a relatively pain free way to learn about the basic physics concepts underlying our modern technological lifestyle." I really enjoyed it.

James Kakalios has a breezy quippy style I like and he peppered the books with illustrations such as the 'cooling coffee effect'. "When you blow on your coffee to cool it off, you do not reduce the temperature of the coffee because your breath is a frosty 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Rather what you do is disturb the steam, pushing the most energetic water molecules away so that they are unable to be deflected back into the coffee. Once they are permanently removed from the coffee/steam system, the average energy (that is, temperature) of the remaining coffee decreases. This physical process is called "evaporation cooling" and is the process underlying the operation of refrigerators and why sweating is more effective in cooling you down if there is a strong breeze to carry the perspiration away"

*Not every molecule in a collection has the exactly the same kinetic energy. Those water molecules in the coffee that are energetic enough to escape from the liquid state form the clouds hovering over the coffee.

He didn't cover all my favorite superheroes, the Atom, Superman and Flash featured pretty prominently, but he did hit on a few of the X Men and the Fantastic Four. And yes, it was very breezy. And quippy. I like quippy.

The Michael Hale novel was an interesting premise. A corporation is formed around a team of psychics to both explore their gift and do business deals. One of the psychics decides to go farther and manages to time travel, changing the fate of Sharon Tate and his team mates, while attempting to amass a treasure for himself. It was a nice quick entertaining read. The characterizations were pretty thin.

And keep a good thought for Rebekah, Obsidian Kitten, and RheLynn's rescued kittens.

Monday, July 24, 2006

See? Knitting. And Improving My Mind

Gawd. I came in yesterday to work on a P & L - NO a/c in the building on the weekends. And I had to copy millions of reciepts (at least thousands).

It was 111 degrees Farenheit outside (44 celcius) and it was FREAKING HOT inside. I wore shorts & a tank (no one here, obviously) and I wet down my hair twice in the 4 hours I managed to stay.

This weather sucks. It usually cools down at night but it's been in the 80's (27 degrees celcius) at night.

Nice Primary color Log Cabin, eh? The only reason I have the yarn was for a baby gift but it didn't quite make it in time for the baby (as said baby is a year old this month). I think I'm going to have to pick out the center square & reknit it, it's really wonky. I've only used 3 sizes of needles on it (because I keep losing them).

The Physics of Superheroes is great. (Not that I'm done with it. Not that I'll ever finish it. But I'm close now! Three weeks later). I highly recommend it, particularly for people who like physics lite (more or less) and mutant superpower info. It also had a fascinating tidbit on why blowing on your coffee cools it off, and it isn't because of your "frosty 98.9 breath". It's a really fun book.

Okay. Must work. But if I ever get home tonight, The Closer is on at 9pm and there was some PBS thing at 8pm that looked good. No idea what it was.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Those logs are actually sea lions. Cross my heart. There's a close up a picture or two down, but it's not much help. Whoops, this is the close up shot. My bad.

Is this not a cool dude? In Carmel Valley, outside of the Pot Farm.

The obligatory amateur shot of the Lone Cypress on 17 Mile Drive.

There! Clearly sea lions. Or a logging truck wrecked up the coast. (Knock on wood. My cousin drives one of those.)

Basking in the fruit of ones labor. Possibly just digging and hiding in a hole. Very demanding work.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Yesterday I was at The Beach -

- so why am I at work today? Not to mention, it's about 30 degrees hotter here. 105 Farenheit and it rained this morning! And it was hot! Hot! Bah.

But, the interesting stuff. First destination: Yarndogs in Los Gatos. Very friendly, nice selection. I picked up some yarn for a Log Cabin and some dpn's (thankfully, because it turned out that I needed them for the I-Cord on The Shell.)

Sophie even managed to pose nicely (she's Perpetual Motion). She didn't pull all the skeins out of the bins either, something I took for granted at the time, but after she emptied my yarn bag of yarn balls a few times over the weekend, I've come to realize that she and Hezekiah feel that yarn should be displayed. Displayed or dragged across the floor and thoroughly killed.

"What? I wouldn't dream of of doing anything bad! I'm too adorable." (Also, please let me know if these pictures are not adorable as I'm only allowed to post adorable pictures of BFF's puppy.)

The Shell at The Beach. The neckline is finished (except grafting the ends together). BFF feels that I should do the armhole I-Cord edging to "finish it" but I say it looks fabulous as is. Because I am lazy.

But I did knit the I-Cord pretty tightly on the right side of the neckline "learning" the process and I'm debating if I should rip the whole thing out and do it right. (And I'm only contemplate doing this because it did knit a whole lot faster when I got going on it.) Argh. I'll probably end up redoing it and doing the armholes. WTH, right? Might as well do it right.

Doesn't that look heavenly? Other than sunburnt shoulders (evidently I haven't mastered the art of the Spray Sunblock) it was so much fun. We did the 17 Mile Drive too. There were a lot more houses and buildings than I remember from the last time I was there. Pictures of a bunch of sea lions masquerading as logs on the beach to come.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Well, Phooey.

And on a Friday to boot.

How can a Friday be bad? It can be, when one thinks that one is attending a seminar all day. A seminar in which one will learn and grow, become more proficient in one's career path and hear all about the idiot sage and wise things rulings of Our Government. And not incidentally, knit through the whole thing.

But alas. I can't read a calendar. It was yesterday. Luckily I'm now all paid up for the Jan 07 seminar, but......but......darn it, I was going to start another tank top. (No, not out of the Hempathy, *why do you ask? And Julia, what is this "swatching" that you speak of? Very mysterious word. I cannot quite understand...?) But I'm heartened by the news that it softens up. Any chance I can block the whole thing before I knit it? And any chance I can stop typing in this stilted fashion? (I blame it on Passage to India. I was listening to it on audiobook on my long useless commute.)

Might as well update the Summer Reading Program/Challenge.

Book #9: The Friendship Test by Elizabeth Noble (BC/L) (437 pages). It was a fairly compulsive read once I got into it, the plots were positively soap operatic, but the characters rang very one dimensional. The conceit of the book, the 'Friendship Test' was a quick judgment of how so-and-so would presumably behave in a concentration camp. Yeah, nice. It followed four very different women from college through, maybe their 30's.

Book #10 The Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman (TBR/hb)(211 pages). Ha! An actual book I listed on the Challenge. I love Alice Hoffman, she's quirky and yet realistic in some way. It was an interesting look at lightening, loss and love and wasn't really about what I thought it was, but if I tell you, I'll spoil it. Not one of her best, but still good.

Book #11 The Mason-Dixon Line by John C Davenport (L)(116 pages). Okay, I admit it, I borrowed this book from the library because of my recent obsession with Log Cabin Knit blankets and the Mason Dixon Knitting book. But as Stephanie pointed out in her blog, the history of the US is pretty compelling too. She even mentioned Antietam, which is a creek that's part of the natural border of the Mason-Dixon line. I didn't even realize it was originally used to separate Pennsylvania and Maryland, I always thought it was in the Deep South somewhere.

I did know that Mason & Dixon were mathematicians and astronomers because I'd run across their names in one of my math/astronomy books - (hey! Mason & Dixon are people, and not say, towns). Mathematicians/astronomers from England drew a boundary in the US? Well, yes. They'd finally worked out a way to calculate successfully longitude - through - - - wait for it - - math and astronomy. (Not them, specifically. He did. (Galileo thought of it. Oh, go look it up.)

Anyway, it was a pretty fascinating book. It made a good case for the Mason-Dixon line being the root cause of the Civil War - that is, the differing cultures of Pennsylvania, run by Protestants, Quakers and capitalists and Maryland, run by Catholics and tobacco cartels eventually dividing the nation.

Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis start their new season tonight! Eureka premieres next week Tuesday. Now that looks pretty good. Even Max Headroom is in it! Geez, if it wasn't for the Sci Fi channel, I'd have almost nothing to watch lately. Other than The 440o and the Dead Zone on USA Sundays, The Closer on TNT Monday night, CSI NY repeats on Wednesdays (possibly Bones one of these days - a repeat of some reality game show? Please.) Various & sundry History Channel and PBS specials. Oh, and House repeats on Tuesdays. Uh, never mind. I watch a lot of TV. Why does it seem like there's never anything good on?

*if you are actually asking, I was going to make it out of Crystal Palace Salsa in yellow that looks like it's been discontinued (after googling for it) which, considering I bought it aproximately one hundred years ago (or maybe ten) and Straw Into Gold (Crystal Palace's retail shop in Berkeley) closed a couple of years ago [sob], isn't too surprising.

What? I had to start something new. Lace takes too much concentration, seaming The Shell seemed a bit too bold, the sock was at the heel turn (and doing badly) and.......well, dang it, I wanted to start something new. New! New!

Ha! Camera phone! You gotta have a picture if you can.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Random Babbling .(I've actually used this title before. Huh.)

Pretty painted rock at the Orinda Shakespeare Festival park.

Look what came in the mail! At last. Only two months later. It feels like twine. Not going to be a tank top, I'll tell you that much.

Look what came in the mail! Bless you, Marji. (There were more but they've scampered off to good homes).

See, I am sewing the final Critter Blanket. (I'm backing it because it's awful! I can't decide how disturbed I should be that I continued to knit it as badly as it was started. Oh well. Consistency. Never had it before, might as well go with it now.) I found an unbelievable number of sewing UFO's in the sewing room, a nightgown that only needs the sleeves sewn on and a polarfleece jacket that needs to be lined, the sleeves sewn on and hemmed. (The others need more).

Actual completed Critter Blankets waiting for their companion.

The Shell. Both shoulder seams sewn! Neither side seam sewn. I-cord neckline not even attempted yet. (The sides aren't sewn! Jeepers.)

Monday, July 10, 2006

Working For The Weekend

More accurately, working to pay off my yarn purchases. Case in point: Touch Me. Soooo soft. I probably could have resisted it had there not been a knit up scarf right next to the yarn........did I mention it was soooo soft? Pretty.... I can't quite decide what stitch pattern to use, I'm leaning toward a corset cable and some kind of ribbing.

The Log Cabin Critter Blanket is done! You might notice that the critter nearby is is not technically on the blanket, she's got her paws under it.

I pulled out the Pretty Pink Cabled Scarf to make myself feel better as a knitter and managed to knit up quite a bit more - relatively speaking. I knit to the end of the first ball of yarn, but thankfully it was a left over ball, I'd made the Miss Dashwood baby hat and some sockies out of it before starting the scarf. Hopefully the remaining ball of yarn will be enough to finish the thing but I could probably get away with a mismatched dyelot if I need to. I've seen tons of that yarn in that color.

Placing a stitchmarker to mark your progress is a genius idea. The first marker is where I picked it up on Friday (after a long, long hiatus).

Sadly, I didn't notice until last night that I had made THREE freaking mistakes on Friday. The count wasn't off! I've never mucked up a cable without throwing off my stitch count. Until now. Thank heaven for new mistakes, eh? Grrrr.

The mistakes are way too far down/not that horrifyingly awful to unravel and/or rip back (for me). I'll just know they're there and will undoubtedly point them out if I ever finish the thing and/or get any compliments on it.

Saw Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest on Saturday morning. It was.....okay. A little creepier than the first, a little too violent/gross out, waaaaay too long and clearly the middle of a trilogy. It would have been better to see it before the final movie, Labor Day 2007 and get the whole story.

And they could have skipped the whole island and dog scene.

But Captain Jack was as campy and sexy as always and Will Turner pirated up. I like Keira Knightly and she was suitably swashbuckly and nervy and implausibly disguised as a cabin boy. She and Captain Jack were quite the pair. I liked her old fiancee a bit better this go 'round.

I tried to watch the History Channel's Pirates of the Carribean last night but couldn't get into it. Couldn't get into much. At least they killed off someone I didn't mind dying on The 4400 but too bad it wasn't Isabelle.

Tonight, The Closer on TNT at 9pm. Bones is back (in repeats) on Wednesday at 8pm on Fox but the best news is that Stargate SG1 and Stargate Atlantis start their new season Friday at 9pm and 10pm, respectively. They're an hour later than the previous season. The SG1 storyline sounds a bit awful and I'm not a big fan of the new Big Bad, the Ori, but Richard Dean Anderson is going to be back (for probably two or three episodes) and Ben Browder (Farscape) more or less took his place, (as much as anyone could replace RDA) so at least there's The Pretty, if not The Plot.

Finished Intrigue & Treason: The Tudor Court 1547-1558 (319 pages/TBR/HB) by David Loades. It had some interesting stuff in it, but it basically read as an expanded version of footnotes, complete with its own footnotes. I'd recommend it only for the hardcore historical buff.

Read The Friendship Test by Elizabeth Noble (437 pages)(BC/L) as a Book Club selection. It was okay. A little too long for my tastes but the soap opera twists kept me going. The characterizations and plotlines seemed very one dimensional.

A cat and her security yarn.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

All I Need Is About Seventy Two Hours of Sleep

Or maybe nine? Caught Restoration Comedy last night at the Caliofornia Shakespeare Festival. I'd post pictures but all they'd let me take were of the statues. Bo-ring. Well not, but still. The set this time was completely black & white and toile looking. Actually, it looked a lot better when it got dark than when it was backed up by the foothills. It was oddly enough, quite bawdy, something I should've anticipated but didn't. Not outrageously so, I just - didn't expect it for some reason. (I didn't do my play homework, that's why). The costumes were great and it was a well done production, the cast was fabulously cast.

But midnight is way too late for me. (It wasn't even midnight. It was more like 11:20 and I still feel like I've been up for days). Must be the 4th throwing me off. I woke up at my usual 5am on Wednesday and decided to go back to sleep and did. I never fall back asleep! I woke up at 9am and had to be at work by 10am. (The horror, y'know? Don't you feel for me? I stayed until almost 5pm last night too. Oh, the work ethic.) (It's the slow season).

You'll probably have to click on the photos - they're so dark! But it's two little hummingbirds sitting in the nest in the tree. You can see their little beaks (and heads).

I am so mad at Fashion Knit in Walnut Creek. I was there over the weekend, they had a sign saying they were open, I talked about it with the owner and a saleswoman and then - THEY WERE CLOSED! No sign saying they were closed either. I went back twice to check (just in case - I really needed, darn circular needle) and ended up in Lafayette yesterday at Big Sky Studio where they did have a 40" circ in size 4 so I finished up the Critter Blanket last night waiting for the play to start. (I also kind of sort of bought Touch Me yarn and eyed a Berroco yarn that would be perfect for the Passage to India Knit the Classics project this month, if I actually had an actual project in mind.)

It's been weirdly deserted around here. Fourth of July is usually picnics & parades and there's normally hecka foot & car traffic bustling about doing just that, but the roads were practically empty. There were people out & about, mind you. But there was also parking. Everyone went out of town? Waaaay out of town?

Look! A puppy! She's getting big. (So BFF says, but she still looks baby puppy tiny to me. She also grabbed the Critter Blanket and dragged it under the table - more like a toy than a blanket. I had to rescue it, if only because I had 4 shortish circs in it. (What? I couldn't buy a long one. I improvised. I didn't even think of it until after I got back from my yarn store search. I'm an idiot). (But the long one was much, much easier. When (if)it's done blocking, I'll post a pic before I pop it into the mail to Rebekah.

Oh, I should link all this. But I'm tired. Is it 4 yet? 3:30? I came in late, why didn't I take a long lunch before I went home early? Now I can't leave early unil later.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tragedy & Depair at the Symphony

Look, look I tell you! [points tragically]. Twenty five minutes into the program, an hour before daylight ended and after I picked up the last edge stitch and started knitting the border.

I could have cried. (Well, I did a bit, but that had more to do with the rendition of Johnny Come Marching Home than my first ever circular needle breaking.)

And naturally I didn't bring my purse to "travel light" so I didn't have a spare (or stitchmarkers, not that I needed them after my circular needle broke, I believe viciously and with malice aforethought.) I did have a crochet hook and believe you me, I debated whether it would be a good time to "teach" myself crochet, but finally gave up and just enjoyed the concert. (As much as possible with a broken circular needle taunting me at my feet).

Here's a shot of the Martinez Bay where the concert was held. It was the 30th Anniversary celebration of the Willow's Theater. The Diablo Symphony played, beautifully, I might add, and the casts of 1776, John Muir's Mountain Home and Nunsense sang a few songs from their plays. Martinez is where John Muir lived for a time. And the nuns from Nunsense were also our waitresses! It was a hoot. The author even said a few words.

Here's pic of the Symphony and the Bluegrass opening act, the "Spinning Wheels". They were lying. There were no spinning wheels. They didn't even have so much as a drop spindle. The music was pretty good. A lot of really, really, really old folk tunes.

The Diablo Symphony Associaton.

Is that a beautiful sunset, or what?


Monday, July 03, 2006

August Birthday Swap Questions

I can't find the blog where I originally found this book cover of a cat, so if it's your childhood favorite book of poems written in Polish, let me know! Google wasn't much help other than I have a ton of Polish poetry sources now.

I don't know why it is, but whenever I see a black cat, I think of Chaos.

And onto the August Birthday Swap questions. (And that's all for this post, so if you're not entertained by swap questions, you might want to head to another blog now, FYI)

What day is your birthday?
August 14th!

Are you crafty?
Very crafty, if not very accomplished. Needlework mostly, knitting, sewing, embroidery.

Would you enjoy things like: Buttons, ribbons and embellishments?
Buttons and stitchmarkers.

Do you dye your own wool?

Do you like to scrapbook or make homemade cards?
Not really.

What small project would you be interested in making? Socks, mittens, scarf, hat, baby items, wash cloths, doilies, shrugs etc
Socks, mittens (I owe Ann 6 for her charity drive, but that's in October. Plenty of time. Plenty. Until there isn't...), scarves, hat, washcloths.

What are your favorite scents?
Since I have both allergies & migraines, I'm not a big fan of scent.

Do you like stationary and cards?
I do!

Do you like hand lotions or soaps?
Not so much. The allergies & migraine thing.

Do you like to sew or embroider items?
Love to.

Do you like beads?
I do, but I've never actually beaded much of anything.

What kind of mail-able snacks do you like to eat?
Shortbread, cheetos (I'm on a cheeto kick right now, thanks to Ooo Baby Knits aka Michelle).

Do you like to wear costume jewelry? Necklace, earrings, bracelets etc. I'm not much of a jewelry girl unless you count watches.

Do you like to play cards or board games?
I like them but I don't play much. (Scrabble & Crazy Eights are my faves)

What are your favorite colors of yarn?
Natural colors but I'm trying to branch out.

Do you like solid, variegated, heathers, or self stripping yarns?
All of the above.

Do you like kitchen magnets or key rings?
I tend to lose them.

Do you like picture frames?
No, I like my pictures loose in a box so you can shuffle through them quickly.

Do you like to make/or use stitch markers?
I love to use stitchmarkers. I haven't attempted to make any yet.

Do you collect anything?
Books. Yarn. Neighborhood cats.

Do you have any allergies? Smoke, food, fiber, pets, etc..
My allergies tend to run to flowers and perfumes these days.

Do you have any hobbies?
Knitting. Reading. Sleeping.

Are you a fiber snob?
I am. This was borne in rather strongly on me lately when I've been knitting that dratted Critter Blanket in Red Heart. I don't have anything against the yarn itself, it's just so darn hard to knit. Elann's Peruvian wool is fairly inexpensive and I love that stuff. I just can't knit happily with synthetic yarns. Darn, darn, darn.

Saturday sky, posted Monday morning.

Those two birds were chasing each other all over the place, that was about the clearest shot I was able to take. It was a weekend of chasing, the squirrels were racing around the eucalyptus & pine trees, the blue jay was chasing the mourning doves aways from the bird bath, the cats were chasing everyone. (you can click on the pic to make it bigger and see the flying birds a little better).

Is that not the cutest little red car? I didn't get any of the details on it sadly.

I'm beginning to loathe knitting. If this wasn't for homeless puppies & kittens and dogs & cats (and rabbits and whatnot) I'd heave it into the river. At least it's been logs and two colors. I can hardly wait to pick up the Big Critter blanket, with its endless off white stockinette stitch. On the plus side, I think I'm going to break even with the skein of Red Heart! For a while there I thought it was the unending Skein of Despair but it looks like the Log Cabin Tile will either use up the whole thing, or come pretty darn close. And I'm almost done. One last log and the mitered border. I really, really, really wanted to finish it Saturday, and then Sunday but alas.

Hezekiah helping.

Nothing to add to the Summer Reading, I'm slogging through Intrigue & Treason: the Tudor Court 1547-1558 by David Loades and while he places his footnotes at the end of the chapter, it's not much of a help. It also reads somewhat as an overview of his other Tudor books, there's more self referential footnotes than I've seen anywhere else. I can almost hear him chiding me for not reading the rest of his books before diving into this one. An odd slant. Why is it that 300 pages of non fiction takes me approximately a week to read whereas I can rip through a 300 page novel in a night?

Not much in the way of TV. I tried to watch Kyle XY the other night on ABC but I think I'm way too old to find clueless teen boys the slightest bit interesting. It's kind of a take off on the John Doe sci fi series, except that instead of washing up on a beach with no memory but an idiot savant encyclopedia of a mind, Kyle seems to know nothing at all. Maybe he did by the end of the show. I gave up after about 20 minutes.

The 4400 was pretty good. Thank heaven they didn't kill of Maia, but I've got to say, the future of humanity aren't doing such a hot job. Did they pick those people out randomly? Is there a purpose for any of it? I thought Isabella was The Way? She's getting on my nerves. I wish TV executives/storywriters would get the word - omnipotent beings manifested flesh is passe. Sunday nights at 9pm. I couldn't stay awake for the Dead Zone. Psych on Friday night after Monk on USA looks like an entertaining premise. USA is my new channel until the Stargates start up again on the SciFi channel July 14th.

The Closer is on tonight, but I'll be at a play. Two plays this week! Restoration Comedy at the California Shakespeare Festival on Wednesday and......something tonight at the new Martinez Theater. How bad is it that I have no idea? I mean, I knew at the time.