Friday, January 27, 2006

TV. It's Here For Good

And it's good for you! Spares you the "talking to others". Gives you fodder for when "talking to others". Eats into your free time. Is educational. Addictive. Honestly, how can you not watch? It's right there! At least it is in my house.

Right. Dancing With the Stars. Well, no wonder Master P is so bad. He's practiced 20 hours compared to the others 130 hours? I think he lacks natural talent, or at least lacks the will to go for it. I think the judges are a bit mean to him, but honestly, what did he think he'd be doing in ballroom dance? Standing stock still while naked women gyrate around him? Okay, sure, if he was dancing w/Lisa Rinna.

Drew Lachey was the best, hands down.

Tonight? Stargate SG1. Stargate Atlantis. Battlestar Galactica. The results half of Dancing With The Stars, but I wouldn't skip Stargate SG1 for it. I'll be taping the Sci Fi channel and hopefully, hopefully! finishing the polarfleece jacket tonight. Ahem. Editing again to bring you this link Connection Failed Stargate Style.

This weekend, on BookTV, check out Simon Winchester. I would have been at that reading, if only I ever followed up on any plans I make.

And in knitting news, I frogged my scarf. It was rolling. Grrrrr. I tried to block it (okay, the bottom half while on the needles, why?) and it still rolled. Phhhht. Then I frantically searched the house for the Unfinished Ongoing Vest From Hell because I realized I hadn't even seen it since I went on vacation - and found it stuffed in a pillowcase in the closet. Did I do that? Must have. So I will finish that first. I will. I will!

One of my favorite old pix of Sheba. She's two or three there, in the two bedroom apartment she & I split in Lafayette, and what she's standing on is the microwave in the kitchen. In those days, the kitchen was mainly used to store cat food and make coffee.

edited to add: Just came from Ashley's Blog and other than the hysterical pic of Bailey impersonating an elephant (or, really, the letter she wrote to him) she gave me a great idea for the stitch pattern of my frogged scarf - socks! It would be perfect for socks.

Speaking of socks, Curlie Girl is knitting what the Norwegian Socks are supposed to look like. Not white and green. Also, I would bet good money she doesn't have the dreaded dpn seam line down the sole of the foot as evidenced here:
In my defense, it is the oldest UFO I have. I'm not really sure why I picked those colors though.


Blogger Curlie Girl said...

I just discovered Battlestar Galactica myself. A friend lent me the entire first season on DVD, and I'm so addicted. Thank goodness for time shifting otherwise I might find myself saying no to Saturday evenings out to watch the new second episodes!

12:28 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

That is a very cool picture of Sheba!! Heh, sitting on the microwave to keep the catfood safe, smart girl.

TV, schmee-vee. :p

12:42 PM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I may have to check Galactica out. You're the third person I read who likes it.

5:27 PM  
Blogger chittavrtti said...

seam or no seam I would love to knit socks like that--and one day I will; but tigers come first ;)***CV

8:11 PM  

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