Monday, July 18, 2005

Stitchmarkers that match my Project!

Are those not adorable? And they even match the Valentine Stole which you probably can't tell because camera phones suck.

TabbyTuxedo from Knitting the Classics made these, and the ones in the box above. She also made a set w/black beads but I was so discouraged at trying to get a picture that had color and clarity I gave up snapping it. You can get some from her at TabbyTuxedoand she has better pictures. We met at our local Starbucks last Sunday so I could meet her and buy those darling stitchmarkers she made. Now we just need to make it to the local Stitch n Bitch meeting. One of these days.

In way less exciting news, I've been walking around like a zombie that wants a nap.(Possibly PMS figures into this, but.....) I think yesterday was about the first day I didn't feel like curling up wherever I was and nodding off. I hate summer. To really enjoy it out here, you need to live on the Bay, the Delta, or have a pool in your backyard, otherwise it's just hot. Too hot to go outside, so I'm stuck in the house with the a/c on. If I was at my picture taking weight, I'd also be at my Summer Clothes weight too and I really hate to buy new clothes that I hope to heave asap.

I'm stuck on Wives & Daughters. Read a couple more chapters but I just can't get into it. Hopefully the next reading out I will, in the meantime I picked up Matt Tabbai's Spanking The Donkey. Funny stuff, backstage with the the last Presidential election candidates. He wrote some of the pieces for The Nation and the Rolling Stone. I really have to stop watching Book TV, my library and my pocketbook can't take many more hardbacks.

Oh, and what is with those stupid trade paperbacks? Lovely that they are bigger than a regular paperback and cheaper than hardback, but not much bigger and not much cheaper. Not to mention that it would be nice to have a book that fits in my purse where I could also carry my wallet and a lipstick. I can't help but think that the book publishing industry feared that the reading pool is shrinking (and is that really happening? Really?) and hit on a way of making up a shortfall.

So. Anybody read anything interesting lately? Any good new books out? What? Harry who? Did you hear that HP made more money than Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and (some other movie) did opening weekend? Yowza. Who says no one reads anymore?


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