Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Small Town Parade

Granted, Clayton isn't really a small town in the truest sense of the word, but the parade is. It's lots of kids, dogs and adults dressed in red, white and blue marching down the two block Main St mixed in with floats (okay, decorated trucks for the most part).

It also had the Kung Fu Academy (that's their dragon) with the kids performing katas, the library (the Dungeons, Dragons and Dreams truck float, the Boy Scouts, three or four stables with their horse and riders in Spanish costume, normal jockey clothes (to me, although, admittedly, I am basing that on my recollection of what Jackie O wore when she went riding), Jazzercisers jazzercizing behind a Mustang that I really want (blasting Mustang Sally, cooly enough), some Gunslingers and Lawmen, the E Vitas Clampas crew (which I probably have wrong)and some nice, nice old cars. It hasn't changed that much since I was a kid in the 70's.

In knitting news - I'm pretty much where I was when the weekend started. I did read Kage Baker's The Light of the World To Come, another book in her Mendoza the Botanist series. It's about a human girlchild turned into an immortal cyborg (one of many) by the mysterious Dr. Zeus to become a Preserver, a time traveler to rescue artifacts before recorded historical natural disasters destroy them. She'd fallen in love with Nicolas in the 16th Century, only to have him die a martyrs death in front of her, then met his virtual twin in the 1800's (Edward), only to have him die in a similar fashion.

Now punished by being sent back 100,000 years on Catalina Island, (because she tried to save Edward) another man who looks like Nicolas and Edward lands on her deserted shore. This is more his story than hers, but I can't wait for the whole thing to unfold. Next book due out in October 2005.


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