Saturday, June 18, 2005

A snowman? An elf? A cross? You're kidding.

No, I kid you not. Can't you tell that's a cross? Yeah, me either, and I made it.

You can see that it is very, very ugly What it really is, is my first attempt at bead knitting! It's actually pretty easy, however next time I think I'll go with a designer's pattern.

And now I have to think of something else for a Father's Day present. Anything special at 7-11 you think he'd like?

It was supposed to be a bookmark with a cross.......bead? charm? But the local Beverley's didn't have one and I couldn't find parking in Walnut Creek (of course. On a Saturday? Never happen) so I had the brilliant idea of making a cross and using that as the bead at the bottom of the bookmark. If you want to see the beautiful bookmark I was trying to copy, check it out here at The Stitching Sheep at the end of Monday, June 13th. It is gorgeous.

Also, if you have any idea how to explain to me how I link using not using the link, please let me know. I'm sure it has something to do with HTML, but that's about it.

Does changing anything change the name?


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