Friday, June 17, 2005

Do you see that wet stuff on the ground? It came from the sky. In June. Yesterday, in fact. In Concord, California. I think this might be the Eighth Sign.

And with all these earthquakes in California, I haven't felt a single one. Usually I do. Even the itty bitty 3. ones. They've been North and South with not much damage (I think). I hope we don't get another one. There are huge plate glass windows in my building at work, and I always seem to be standing in front of one during an earthquake. Yeah, I know you're not supposed to. But it's oddly compelling to be on the 9th floor and watching a tree move from one huge office window to another. That was the Loma Prieta quake. I was in Oakland at the time, a few miles away from where the freeway collapsed. Driving home? You can bet your life I counted overpasses and underpasses, not to mention the Caldicott Tunnel. I threw hiking boots in with my Earthquake Preparedness Kit. (matches, a jacket, a flannel shirt I stole from an ex, duct tape and hiking shoes. With my luck, it would be the first time in years I wore heels.)

I hope it rains through the weekend. I love to knit/read/lounge around the house in the rain.

(Nope, but it's weirdly cold this weekend. Sunny at least)


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