Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Valentine wrap to go with the Valentine Tank top from White Lies Design. I actually have the tank knitted, just not sewn together.

And it looks like this is going be my Knit the Classics knitting part because I am having one hell of a time getting yarn that I like for the Pi Shawl (with sleeves) that I was going to make. It was in the Winter 2000 Knitter's Magazine. Apparently the Skacel/Mondial yarn is discontinued, the La Gran space dyed yarn colorway I liked is discontinued [Side note: wouldn't you think they would just say Not In Stock as opposed to "The Number you have selected does not exist" when I can see the freaking number on my computer? And the color next to it?] My LYS hasn't gotten back to me in two weeks whether or not they can find more of the Ironstone yarn that worked gauge wise, even after at least one follow up call.

A lesser person would take this as A Sign I Should Not Spend Money I Don't Have on Yarn, but I take it as a challenge to persevere. Somewhere there is the perfect yarn that will probably cost me a couple of hundred bucks that will then sit in my stash because by then? New pattern/yarn will have enticed me.


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