Sunday, July 03, 2005

Miss Dashwood

Cute edging, isn't it? The spaghetti ball on the right is what I frogged last night. Do you know what I did? I am such an idiot. The picot edging makes little groups of 3, so I was casting on for 180 stitches, except? 90 groups of 3? More than 180. No wonder it was so huge! And to think, I make my living with numbers. However, In the Real World, I have a new fangled contraption called a calculator.

(Please do not point out to me that 60 x 3 is easily multiplied to equal 180 without the use of higher technology than evidently, my IQ. I'm sensitive.)

Stargate SG1, Children of the Gods (the pilot for the series) was clearly for HBO and was desperate to ape the movies. I don't know about the Stargate movie, but the movies in general because the music was freaking loud and the dialog? Whispered. What is with that? (Okay, maybe not technically whispered, but a whole lot softer than the music. I've never played with my volume control so much. I might be a bit of a noise phobic.)


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