Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Terrible Tuesday

Not for any particular reason, but Tuesdays generally are just.......bad.

Mondays, at least you remember the weekend.

Wednesday is the halfway through mark, Thursdays mean just one more day and Finally Friday is so obvious there are Country songs written about the, but Tuesday?

Tuesdays the last weekend is but a distant memory and next weekend is but a wistful far off dream. I could probably write an *execrable poem about this, whaddaya think?

It would probably go faster if I got to work though, eh? Maybe. Maybe not.

In the knitting front, I managed to do a single knit row of the 3 ridge garter rows between the lace panels before I noticed it. Bah. I put it aside thinking that I might just let it go, but no way. I'll have to rip out the 14 rows of lace. It's not that big a deal, but it's annoying. I should **rename this blog the Frog Queen.

My last project, the 2005 Winter Vogue shawl collar pullover, I tweaked by adding double moss stitch edging instead of ribbing, got all the way to the shaping of the 2nd sleeve having decided to steek it and make it a cardigan before I thought "what if I hate it? "If I cut it, I'll have confetti. If I frog it, at least I can still make the vest for my dad that I actually bought the yarn for. So I frogged it.

* ex·e·cra·ble Pronunciation: 'ek-si-kr&-b&l
Function: adjective1 : deserving to be execrated : DETESTABLE 2 : very bad : WRETCHED - ex·e·cra·ble·ness noun- ex·e·cra·bly /-blE/ adverb (from Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Sorry, I'm sort of a freak for dictionary listings. In fact, I've bought dictionaries just to read.

**I changed the name from my actual name to make it a) more in line with the name of the blog and b) to give me a fighting chance for deniability when I invariably babble family secrets or more likely, shoot my mouth off. Part of me hopes that no one ever reads this at all and I can rant to my hearts content, but part of me would be sad if that happened.


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