Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Sunflower Sunshine

For something that I thought was a weed, it certainly is beautiful. I love sunflowers too! I've got a needlepointed sunflower, a huge picture of sunflower and roses and still. Do not recognize one without the blossom. Figures.

In knitting news, still making Miss Dashwood, although the bonnet part is done! Just the earflaps and the ties are left and you'd think I'd do them because they'll take like five minutes (okay, maybe more) but that is Not My Way. Oh no. I had to pick up the fan and feather scarf for the Valentine Tank from White Lies Design that is evidently going to take me eight million years to finish. Especially if I keep picking it up and putting it down.

My mom and I went to a Minature Dollhouse Furniture Show in Millbrae last Saturday, and wow! A hobby that is conceivably more expensive than knitting. Plus, teensy tiny stuff is just so darn cute. Here are some pics from the show.

That tiny pattern laid out on the sewing table is what I really like. That and the costumes.

I've always wanted a bed like that, but now I would fear dust and bugs. Oh, the lost romance and innocence of girlhood.

Even a garden shed!

You can never have too many purses.


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