Saturday, September 02, 2006


Yup, I'm relocating. Come look for me at My Middle Name is Patience. Same name, only at Typepad.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dear Blogger

Oh, go read Kelle's letter. It's perfect.

I think I'm going to migrate over to here. Let me know what you think of it.

Happy Birthday, Jillian!

Eureka is on tonight. And The Closer was on last night. I almost completely forget. Season ends next Monday (for The Closer) after an all day marathon.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Monday, Monday

Happy Birthday, Carie!

Is that not an adorable puppy, or what? And one of these days I'm going to figure out how to print out the pictures and give them to her mom. (Even though she's told me how, at least twice.)

See those seven stitches on the dpn? What idiot reads the directions and adds two stitches in the middle of those seven? Even if "pick up two stitches at the underside of the thumb" is too hard, you would think that, I don't know, glancing at my thumb would have told me the underside of your thumb is on the topside. Opposable, and all that.

In my defense. Mittens. Who wears them? We've had snow here, twice, in the last forty years and I bet you couldn't scrape a decent snowball from both of those snowstorms. And I'm an idiot. Give me lace.

But a pair! And they're almost the same size and everything! Woot! Woot!

The Summer Reading Challenge is coming to an end this Thursday. (As is Kat's Summer Reading Program.) Amanda, who hosted the Challenge, asks about it on her Sunday Book Talk post.

Read Falls the Shadow by Sharon Kay Penman this weekend (Edit: Argh! (580 pages). Marji sent it to me in the beginning of the summer. What a great book! It's a little before and after my period (it features Eleanor of Aquitaine's granddaughter, Nell, Eleanor of Aquitaine being one of my favorite historical women) and her husband, Simon de Montfort, the Earl of Leicester, pre-dating (by a few hundred years) my favorite Earl of Leicester, Robert Dudley. No relation between the two, just the title, but it was a fascinating look into a period of history I'm not that familiar with.

Weak kings, brutal battles between relatives, treachery, honor, love, family. I can't wait to read The Reckoning, part three in this trilogy. I can't believe I've never read Sharon Kay Penman's books before, she's much more historically accurate than most of the historical novels I've read, and furthermore, she explained at the end where she took poetic license and why.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Saturday at Last

Well. No pictures from Blogger today either. Harumph.


Happy Birthday to Theresa(who was my August Swap Buddy - I hope she got her box! I sent it on Wed express & they promised me it would be there yesterday), and Meg and to Elizabeth and to Mindy!

Friday, August 25, 2006


"We're going out, Mom? Cool!"

(Oh! I just heard the most hysterical song based on Love Potion #9. The ending lyric was something like:
"and if you think size doesn't matter
ask ex planet number niiiiine."

"Hello! Going! Ooooooouuuuuuttttt, Mmmmmmooooommmmmm. No I will not look at Aunt Carrie" (she did, but it was blurry).

Birdsong asked about my progress on Eliz I from Tudor Roses.......ahhhh......there is no progress. Other than the two rows I've knit since the last picture.

I kept getting sidetracked, and it was hot.

Hot in the way that made me believe that not only is global warming very, very real, but it would never again dip below 102F/39c in these parts again. Well, the first part may be true, but it did cool off.

And then I fell in love with Garterlac Dishcloths. I've made three. So far. And Log Cabins (I've made progress). I'm supposed to knit 6 pairs of mittens by October 1st and so far I've knit a thumbless beginner mitten. Hey. It's hot here. And apparently I don't know the underside of my thumb is at the top of the thumb opening so when the instructions read "cast on two stitches at the underside of the thumb" despite the fact that I had 7 stitches on hold and a join above that, I cast on two stitches in the middle of the 7 stitches.

Oddly enough, there was big hole at the thumb.

I totally would have taken a picture to commemorate my idiocy but I ripped it out before I thought of it.

I have almost finished one sleeve of Its Jacket.

My big decision is what to take with me on my vacation in two weeks. It can't take up much space. I have HOURS in airports. I'm flying in and out of Canada & into DC. I'm thinking the Moll Shawl because it would be perfect in size and complexity, but there's also Eliz I, Its Jacket (if I don't finish it before then.) (two weeks? hahahahahaha), mittens (except dpn's? do they care?)

Happy Birthday, Sandy!

What is up with Blogger now? Gah.

Read Plague Maker by Tim Downs (L) (390 pages). It was a pretty good action thriller about a decades old plan of one man to unleash a genetically engineered strain of the Black Plague on present day New York. The characters weren't completely one dimensional but were a bit thin. They did get off some nice one liners though. I'm a sucker for snark. It said something about war and the casualties of war but I'm not certain what that was.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thankful Thursday

Although I've heard it called other things.

No reason, not my pic, but c'mon. Cute baby pandas in a row. What's not to love?

Happy Birthday, Amanda!

The Summer Reading Challenge/Program is almost over. It doesn't look like I'm going to meet my challenge of 26 books but I did read mostly library books and I think I even managed a few from my TBR stack. I was surprised to find out how slowly I read non fiction, and really, how much "other" reading I do. Magazines. The newspaper. The net.

Ooooh. I've got a kitty on my lap. She's doing that hanging-off-my-leg-from-her shoulder-and-flexing-and-pointing-her-paw bit. It's so cute. And so odd to finally have a lap cat. Oh. She's also shedding like crazy. When is summer going to be over?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Random Wednesday

"No! No, no, no, no, no. NO pictures. Darn paparazzi." [But I do love my kitty condo.]

Ta Da! A Garterlac Dishcloth from Dave of Criminy Jickets. The first of many, I'm sure. I've already picked up yarn that goes better with the kitchen. Thank you, Dave! For a great pattern and a new word. I've been saying "Criminy" like nobody's business.

In very, very sad news, Stargate SG1 has been cancelled after 10 years on the air. It outlasted The X Files ,which is probably why they didn't cancel it last year. Hate their new Big Bad.

Happy Birthday, Lisa!