Monday, October 10, 2005

Migraine Hell

That's where I've been since a week ago last Sunday. Well, technically, I laid around all day last Sunday (and by last Sunday I mean the Sunday before yesterday's Sunday) because I couldn't keep my eyes open, but on Monday it was a full fledged throwing up, lights out, noise phobic migraine.

And it won't go away. Granted, I got it done to a dull roar by Thursday by going through an entire prescription (but hey. Nine pills. You can only take 3 in a 24 hour period to begin with.) But now it's just an annoying steady ache shifting around my head. Naturally I have the final final deadline on Monday the 17th, so I just get to deal with it, work anyway, probably this weekend again, and hope that it magically goes away. Soon. It would also be nice to see my friends again in this lifetime, if they even remember me. Which would be my fault.

So I haven't done any knitting at all. I did read Katherine by Anya Seton about Katherine Swynford, John of Gaunt's mistress and eventual third wife, ancestress of the Henry's of England and Chaucer's sister in law, which I didn't know before, but see that it's practically the first sentence on the book flap of Who Murdered Chaucer by Terry Jones that I had to have, after finishing Katherine.

On a really shallow note, Who Murdered Chaucer is just beautifully presented. I wish all books were printed like this. Nice glossy pages, pretty color illustrations scattered throughout the book, heavy as hell. It's definitely not getting toted around in my purse.