Friday, December 02, 2005

Yuck. Yesterday.

To start with, the Egg Nog Latte I got at the Starbucks that is actually on my way to work (instead of a two block detour) had spoiled Egg Nog in it. Yuck-o. Naturally I was driving to work when I discovered it, and late, so I just dumped the whole thing. Luckily I was expecting it to be hella hot, so I only sipped it, but still. Blech.

Then I get to work only to discover that I'd been elected to Picking Dad Up At the Tire Store at 10:30am (though if it had been my flat tire, I would have probably been sobbing like a baby). So I meet him there - only he's not there. He stepped in mud supervising the church signage and had to go home to change shoes. Come to think of it, Dad had a pretty yucky day yesterday too. He arrives shortly, we go to work, I agree to take him back to pick up his car (as if there was any doubt). All fine. His car is ready noonish, he has a client coming in one-ish, we go afterwards.

Only that made it about 2:30pm and I had to take my paycheck to my bank in Walnut Creek. The mob that was there Monday night? Was there yesterday too. So was the rain. In fact, the only difference was that it was light out.

I get to my bank.

I step out of my car.

Into a puddle that completely covers my foot (and sock and tennis shoe).


Do I just wade through the puddle (read: get the other foot equally sopping wet) or do I take my one sopping wet foot and move the car?

WTH. I waded.

Because Nordstrom's was close and? This was clearly Divine Providence giving me a second chance to buy the Ugg boots I so inexplicably desire. Who am I to fight Divine Providence? Here's where my day got better and I stopped angling for sympathy from friends, family and strangers. I bought lovely camel colored short Ugg boots that I can wear with my jeans (not so w/the high topped ones). They weren't the army green I wanted (although why, I'm not sure why because it's not like I own anything green.)

I took myself out to lunch (well, dinner. It was 4pm by then) at P F Changs. The downside of eating alone at a Chinese restaurant is that you can't split entrees, but the upside was that I got to eat a whole appetizer plate of their crab wontons all by myself and dip them into the sauce bowl, instead of daintily dripping it on the wonton or putting a little on my plate. Oh, the Alaskan salmon was AWESOME.

I came home and ripped back the wool hat. Of course. I VOW TO FINISH IT BY ...... 2005. Idiot me. Why did I frog it in the first place? It was almost perfect. Oh yeah, the almost part. Well, dang. If I had realized I would be knitting the equivalent of 100 million hats to get that one done, I would never have touched it.

This was Hezekiah this morning. (Well, no, really that's an old pic of her, but that's where she was and what she looked like this morning).


Blogger Jennifer said...

What a day! I hope you got to knit or read to unwind after all that.

4:26 PM  

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