Monday, November 28, 2005

At last. The beginning of the Grinch Season

At least that's how I feel at the moment. I never get into the Christmas spirit until roughly the 24th. If then.

Working short rows messed me up on the vest, but nothing too horrible. I completely forgot to do the pattern on one side, so I was dropping stitches to drop the pattern back in and it might be a row or so off. It was definitely shorter on one side. It's for my Dad. He loves me. Besides, it will probably drive me mad and I'll have to fix it perfectly. Please let this be before I bind off for the underarms.

Went and saw Pride & Prejudice last Friday. It was okay. I was expecting horrible and it wasn't, although I like Matthew MacFadyen better in MI-5. Keira Knightly played Elizabeth fairly well except for relying on that winsome smile 9 hundred thousand times. And the close ups! Although to be fair, that probably wasn't her fault. The movie would have been a half hour shorter if they'd cut the close ups though. The movie took dialog straight out of the book which made some of their choices really odd. Mr Bennett was a gentleman, not wealthy but not poverty stricken. I don't think cattle roamed their front parlour. Lady Catherine did not show up to cut off her face to spite her nose at MIDNIGHT. Georgiana was shy. Very, very shy. Not in the movie, but then again, she had one scene in the movie, and she wasn't there then in the book either. (when Elizabeth runs into Darcy at Pemberley).

Hmmm. Can you tell I reread the book over the weekend? I also picked up the A&E version on my way home.

I saw one of those lovely Public Service Announcements on the History Channel that when I first saw it, I thought, well, duh, but the more I think about it, the more it bothers me. It was a man, in a suit, 40/50ish, getting bent out of shape and a little too short with a waiter who was not bringing him his wheat roll he requested. The businessman says chummily and annoyed, to the 20ish guy at the table near him "If they're in our country, they should speak English, don't you think?" And the younger guy firmly says quite politically correctly, "Actually, no I don't."

Which sounds fabulous. Why should the waiter abandon his culture and language? Except that he is clearly in an English speaking restaurant, with English speaking customers who are presumably paying for what they order and oddly enough, want what they order. Don't get me wrong, I think we should all keep our heritage, I'm sad that my family did not.

But where does that leave the waiter? Is that guy saying that the waiter should be happy to get any low paying job where he can speak whatever language he pleases? Because unless he also speaks English, he's not going to be very employable.

All in all, that PSA just made me think that we're working to keep an underclass. Go to college!


Blogger Jennifer said...

I'm actually not going to see the new Pride and Prejudice. I just don't need to see yet another version of the story. Nothing can be as good as the book.

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