Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thankful Thursday

Well, maybe not thankful. Well, yeah. Thankful. Mom is fine, all her stents from a year ago look good, the 40% blockage she had in her coronal artery(?)is now at 20%. So evidently she's doing well. No medical reason (cardiology wise at least) for being out of breath and having pressure walking. Yay! Now I can amp up the rate a bit. Strolling around a park for a mile and a quarter is better than nothing, but it's not exactly going to drop the pounds.

She had to lay flat on her back for six hours after the angiogram. Oh, and it took three nurses and AN HOUR to get her IV in before the procedure. Not a good idea, having tiny rolling veins.

In other good news, my dad might actually get his vest this Christmas! I got an amazing amount done yesterday. Something about enforced hanging around and the soothingness of mindless activity through fear.

Darn. No picture of what I finished on the vest yesterday. I'll snap one and post it tonight.

Or tomorrow. As in today. But look! Much progress! It would help if my Dad were a smaller man.

Wow, what a difference in lighting. They're both on the kitchen island, but hours apart. The top of the first one is the top. As in, that's as far as I got.

Whoops, Stargate SG1 is on. See ya!


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