Friday, November 04, 2005

I am Lion! Hear Me Roar!

Isn't he cute? If I do say so myself. He's supposed to be a baby present - he's a rucksack (that's what the book called it) but I have it on High Authority (Adrienne) that no little boy would be caught dead toting it. What if the little boy was say, 3 months old? And is a Leo? (And clearly, not getting his baby shower present anywhere close to on time.)

But if said baby boy would find Mr. Lion something he would be embarrassed to tote around (by his mother presumably) then can I keep him? And make him into a purse? I have no idea what's in fashion for babies. I don't want to stunt the growth of the Future President of the United States (after Rachel serves her two terms).

How was Hallowe'en? We had a grand total of 19 kids. Used to get at least 100 or more. Either the neighborhood is aging (again) or they do things differently nowadays. Kids used to get bussed to our neighborhood, and I'm sure our kids went to other neighborhoods, but that was after they hit all the houses here. The new subdivisions are where everyone goes now, I'm told.

On the reading front, I picked up the audiobook of Beowulf by the most recent translator, Seamus Heaney who also reads it. It was meant to be listened to the cover said. He does have a lovely lilting Irish accent that makes listening easy.


Blogger Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, that lion is so cute! Definitely a purse...

6:16 PM  

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