Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sheri and I went to see Thumbsucker yesterday. Kind of a cute weird little movie. I had zero expectations for it - other than expecting it to be kind of stupid, because, c'mon, thumbsucking? At the age of 17? and went to see it solely for the eye candy (Vincent D'Onofrio, Vince Vaughn, Keanu Reeves and Benjamin Bratt).

WARNING. SPOILERS AHEAD. Is anyone but us going to see this? Anyway.

Benjamin Bratt completely played against his L&O type - he played a drug rehabbed cop show actor, with a lot of zest. It looked like he had a blast with the part. Keanu Reeves mocked his own "hippie psycho babble" persona (seriously, who has a fawn as his power animal? No, not Keanu.) VDO and VV brought nice characterizations to otherwise standard roles. All in all, the movie wasn't half bad. But I'd go for the eye candy and be pleasantly surprised the content. The lower the expectations, the easier the movie is to take.

On the knitting front, I've pulled out my Never Going to Finish Cable sweater from the Winter 2000 Sandra magazine and I vow to finish it This. Year. With the help of the Fall Cable KAL. (Whose button I need to to add).

I'm still making the Lion rucksack, but I've given up the idea of giving it as a baby present because Luke is going to be 12 by the time I'm done! So instead he's getting cute little truck slippers (because there must be knitting content)(well, maybe it's not a truck, per se, and something else.

This desperately needs pictures. Must. Stop. Stalling. On. Camera. Thank heaven for camera phones.

Serenity comes out on Friday!


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