Saturday, September 24, 2005

Last Time I Use My Camera Phone.

Stupid now-deleted-post had a whole little advertising spiel going on! They'll probably charge me for it too. I really need to learn to download (upload?) my pictures from my lovely new digital camera I got for my birthday - a month ago. More than a month. Hey, my parents still haven't hooked up the DVD player I got them last Christmas, so evidently it runs in the family.

That lovely picture is of my digital camera in it's beautiful little knitted (and felted)on the fly camera case. The initial came from a cross stitch alphabet book and I have the whole genesis of it - stored securely in my digital camera.

The sewing machine is out, I decided to use up my stash of fabric. First up is a nice new Victorian style nightgown out of what turns out to be an impossible to match pink/black/yellow plaid. (Yeah, I have pictures. In my camera.) I thought I had plenty of yardage - I buy enough. Well, no, evidently not. I thought a nice floral would look good. Probably it would have, if I could have found one. Finally me, a salesgirl and a couple of fellow customers settled on another pink plaid as the best bet. It's not like it really matters. My main fashion concern has always been whether or not it scratches. (and I love to knit w/wool. Go figure.)

Whoops, 8 o'clock. Sunday night! Ciao! Season premiere of Cold Case, Law & Order Criminal Intent (except with stupid Nicole - can this woman not die? Why is she Goren's longest relationship? Argh) and Crossing Jordan.


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