Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Playing With Digital Camera. At long last.....

This was taken, oh so long ago, maybe Labor Day Weekend? or thereabouts, at the King's Mountain Art Festival at.......wait for it.....King's Mountain in Redwood City. Beautiful. I couldn't remember the last time I'd driven down the peninsula but once you cleared South City and Millbrae it was all rolling hills and trees.
This is Lisa Souza's "shop" in the woods.

Oh, much fun! It was incredibly easy too. Now I feel like a dolt.

In knitting news, I finally abandoned the baby blue scarf I was making because I lost the pattern somewhere.

(Note to self: do NOT rip patterns out of books no matter how much you intend to go to Kinko's and get them put in a spiral binder! You will just lose it).

So far for the Baby Blue Yarn? Two frogs. The other frog was what was darn near a completed shawl collared cardigan (I was a sleeve short) mostly because I didn't think of the cardigan part until I had to steek it, and honestly, I bought the yarn for my dad to match his crazy baby blue eyes so I felt bad co-opting it.

(That picture is taken up on my knee, in bed, my favorite place to knit. And to read. Watch TV. Okay, I'm a slug.) The ribbing is called Hunter's Rib from one of Nicky Epstein's edgings and border books, it's a k2, p1 pattern so it's almost a seed stitch rib. (I'm wildly fond of seed stitch & its variations for some weird reason). The body is going to be made of of huh. Simple seed stitch. Hopefully the k3, p1 pattern every 1 and 5 rows out of 8 will make it a little more than mindless but not requiring me to shush people while knitting.

In Tuesday news, go watch House. One of the local PBS stations is running Jeeves and Wooster at 7pm on Tuesdays which is cool because I've never seen it before. Boy howdy, Hugh Laurie looks young there.

Give a quick thought for my mom too, willya? She goes in for her 4th angiogram tomorrow. Hopefully just stents again, if that, like the last two. Wow, it's been since August a year ago that she's had one. Bad Mom. Little teensy veins and naturally high cholesterol. Bad combo.


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I'll be thinking of your mother. Hope all goes well.

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