Sunday, November 20, 2005

It's Sunday? Are you sure?

The Evil Princess

You are drawn to the sinister side of life and
gravitate towards darker things. You are quite
proud of your dark side and often flaunt it.
Your sinister nature and your willingness to be
cutthroat often result in you playing the

Role Model: Snow White's Stepmother

You are most likely to: Team up with an evil dragon
to spread terror across the countryside.

What Kind of Princess are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Hmm. I don't think of myself as evil. Cranky occasionally, a little manipulative, but not evil. Maybe I should have picked the woodland creatures dancing for the sacred acorn.

Kind of a quiet day. I realized around 2pm that it was Sunday and that I could have gone and seen Pride & Prejudice w/Sheri (at least that was the plan Friday night) but there's something about working weird hours, schlepping your critically ill mother to hospitals and clinics, or just visiting her in said hospital, or probably today, from not going to church that messed up my sense of days. I think it was mostly skipping church. Watch, I will have at least one person say to me this week, quite archly "oh, you skipped church! Now you're going to Hell." Ummmm, no. There are a LOT of things that I'm probably going to go to hell for, but I think skipping church is waaaaaay down on the list.

Oh. It was probably the Benedryl. I'm being eaten alive by something. It can't be fleas, unless it's fleas that don't like cats but only people? Bah. I think it was that rug I scrubbed down yesterday.

I love that rug. I have no idea whether my parents picked it up in their cross country drivings when they were young, or if it was left at my great grandfather's dry cleaning store, but it's cool looking. Dusty though. I scubbed it with a brush and I think the former residents were disgrunted at being evicted.

Oh, here's a lovely look at my mother's arm. And she is doing this at home. Better home than a hospital though. one more day and she's off the IV and onto pills.

And here's the vest so far. Finished the back, it came out pretty good, cast on and got past the rib when I, button band. Or buttonholes. Neither of which occurred to me. Oh well. Dad's got a Santa tummy going anyway, so I'll just narrow the upper chest for the button band and leave the lower half alone. The pink yarn is me not being able to stand not working on a new project and casting on a twisted cable pattern for a scarf. At least I'll have something I'm currently working on for the Cable KAL. Not what I was working on mind you.
That sweater is currently still in the UFO pile for the 3rd year. Maybe the 4th. I just have about half the front to knit and seam the darn thing, but, well, it takes time to work into these things. Not to mention it's wool, and cabled and the weather here? I think it's been at least 75 degrees all freaking week. In November. Just wrong.


Blogger Jennifer said...

Hmmm... I don't think I agree with your quiz results. I'm a traditional Princess like Maid Marian or Snow White. Interested in helping the downtrodden and all that.

I hope you feel better and more in sync!

6:11 PM  

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