Monday, November 14, 2005

Fine, my eye.

Cardiologically speaking. Is that a word? Well, it is now. It's my blog, right? So mom is fine from what they found in the angiogram but she developed complications and is now hooked up to an IV of Cipro in the hospital for a few days. Nice way to spend a Sunday. Not. And the worst part? (I mean, other than being scared silly about her health) was that I left my knitting at home. It was horrible! Plus she looked wan and drawn and well, sick, and here I was, unable to STFU for more than 20 minutes at a time. All day! We got there at 10am and I left around 8pm. But she is on the mend now. And has a diagnosis, which usually means the worst is over. [knocks on wood].

On Saturday however, I had fun! Watched Rachel play two of her 3 final Soccer Tournament games (checked on mom during the middle game). Guess how many games Rachel's team won? Guess how many I was there for? I don't care if I am a jinx, they'll just have to work through it because I'm still going to go to her games. Hopefully I can make all of them next year. This year is over. [action photos go here, when I download the pics].

Her coach, after letting the girls "do" his hair (for luck, presumably)

What a great way to get some fresh outdoor air. Go to a park, sit in a lawn chair and cheer the kids. Pass the coffee and doughnuts, willya? (See the pink box in the corner? Doughnuts for everyone! But it's California. I think Sheri took home one out of the 3 dozen she bought and that was after 3 games.


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Oh Geez! How scary. I hope your mother feels better soon!

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