Monday, December 05, 2005

What To Watch

Entertainment Weekly never gets it right. Or maybe that's why I all the shows I like always get cancelled. It's just me and some guy in a shack in the woods wearing tinfoil. Alas.

This week is a little skewed because of repeats and The Triangle on the Sci Fi channel, which I just have to watch. But three nights? Good thing Medium is a repeat, House is pre-empted for......something, and I'm not watching anything on Wednesdays much. (Okay, CSI-New York, but I tape it) Not even Lost, which I was fairly obsesive about last season but watched the premiere (two weeks later) and some of last week's show so far this season. If I care at all, I'll catch it on the DVD all at once, but I tend to lose interest if it's all tease no payoff. I was watching The Apprentice: Martha, but with Mom being sick and all, I lost a few episodes. Jim is still around? Good grief. I had more faith in Martha than that.

Last night, I almost missed Michael Buble's special, I didn't know it was was on PBS at 5pm last night! Luckily it's on Saturday at 8pm on KTEH, because otherwise I only got to see 20 minutes of it.

I was going to watch Cold Case but got caught up in Bruce Almighty. Funny movie. Why did I resist seeing it in the theater? So then I had to watch The Dead Zone Christmas special, and somewhere between all those, the Gingerbread Challenge at The Grove Park Inn on the Food Network. Those gingerbread houses are a wonder of engineering.

Fascinating, eh?


Blogger Jennifer said...

Is Medium any good? I've been intrigued, but we watch a lot of DVDs at my house and not much tv.

7:12 AM  
Blogger Carrie K said...

It is SO good! Patricia Arquette and Jake Weber are such a believable couple and I love the family stuff almost as much as the cop/psychic part. Plus David Cubitt and Miguel Sandoval? What's not to love?

I like that she's not infallibly right, and that she misinterprets her visions at times too.

10:42 AM  

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